Sunday, August 16, 2015

Prayer Power

by Pastor Rob Stevenson (2013)

April 22 I'm laying in a hospital bed at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital ER.  Abdominal pains being quenched somewhat by some pain-killing drug.  My abdomen expanded out like I'm 3-months pregnant.  Though I hadn't eaten anything in over 24 hours, no appetite existed.  Doctors were telling me gall bladder cancer had attacked my liver, and maybe my pancreas.  The fluid in my abdomen looked bad and was attacking other parts of my body, they said.  A low day in the life of this pastor?  No duh.  I wasn't defeated though, and I'm not now defeated.  I felt no real depression, though I can't say I was singing songs of joy and praise either.  Sure, some tears came later.  However, Bev and I have kept our faith.  We prayed.  Bev realizes the power of prayer and its affect when unity takes place.  She starts sending out texts, making phone calls, and praying hard herself.  My brothers and sisters in the Lord stood in the gap.  Words of healing were spoken, prayed, and declared.  A few came over and laid hands on me.  I was anointed with oil.   Things happened. 

After two days and a night in the hospital, things actually started looking better.  Hmmm, maybe this isn't cancer, the doctors start wondering.  This pastor looks like the epitomy of health from all the lab tests we have done.   Test after test all have come back negative.  Looks like a "slow" gall bladder now.  I'm still not totally healed.  However, I know I am healed.  I'm not believing anyting but health.  I confess those things that are not, as though they are.  Things happen.  I press on.  I persevere.  Never giving up, I run for the prize.  We will keep following the Lord, and will never surrender.

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