Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Crutch?

by Pastor Rob Stevenson (2012)

One excuse for ignoring Jesus centers around an opinion that, "He's a crutch."  Over the years I have heard other men say such things as: “You need a crutch. If Jesus is good for you, then go ahead.” Or “Jesus is a crutch. I’m okay the way I am.”  I would shrug off the comment, sometimes saying something resembling His awesomeness as a “crutch” if that is what He would be referred to.  It bothered me a little, until finally during all these years of pondering it in the back of my mind, I've realized how stupidly asinine such a thought really is.  Jesus is not a crutch.  He’s not even an awesome crutch.  He is NOTHING of the kind. He frees. He does not hinder.  He enhances.  He heals.  He makes whole.  Everything a crutch is not, Jesus is.

Crutches take care of the weak and feeble.  It’s a poor second to actually walking or getting around on your own.  The broken or injured get crutches to help them in their brokenness, but they are still broken.  To parallel Jesus as a crutch demonstrates an ignorance of just who He is and why He was called upon this earth.  Jesus is the best solution for life, and not a poor, or even a  best, second.

So, the most ideal crutches remain poor substitutes.  They help the person just get by until something better comes along, like a healing. Jesus skips the "just-get-by" stuff. He heals.  "... And he healed every kind of disease and illness."  (Matthew 4:23 NLT).  Does this sound like a crutch to you? Of course not.

Crutches come from man-made structures that require manpower to function.   It's all from man. Jesus on the other hand came from heaven and His power comes from God.  It's all God-centered and God-created. 

One thing stands as a common bond between a crutch and Jesus.  Nobody wants a crutch, and unfortunately, many don't seem to want Jesus either.  Sad testimonies come regularly.  However, further review would show many diametrically opposed aspects.  For instance, scriptures say "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." (Hebrews 11:6).  Crutches can be observed with the earthly senses of sight and feel.  Jesus is in the supernatural, the realm of faith.  Yet again, a similarity comes to mind.  Crutches at one time were made solely of wood to so people could stand up.  Jesus was laid on wood.  A cross.  He was nailed to it, and the cross was used for Him to stand up.  This happened so that others, like you and me, could stand free, healed, complete, and whole. Call on Jesus.  Not for a handicap help, but for a whole soul.

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