Sunday, August 16, 2015

Love: A 4-Letter Word

 by Pastor Rob (2013)

Looking at the movies, songs, TV, and books, I propose that love does a lot of sales. And well it should.  Love does make the world go around.  Romantic love fills the airways.  In some ways it's treated like a four-letter word.  As an older Christian, I see other forms of love.  In Dina Sleiman's book entitled Love in Three Quarter Time, the main character (Constance) is in love with dance, and with a young colonial plantation owner, and in love with herself.   

Okay, it's a "chick book" and I have been struggling through it, I admit.  However, I continue pressing on, and I'm glad I did.  A new love started emerging.  Christ's love. Dina brings it in through a refreshing way that took me by surprise.  Naturally, Constance is introduced to Christ in a way that upsets her staus quo.  Staunch religiosity, and stiff, formal, unemotional assemblies provide nothing to slaves longing for freedom.  She starts seeing a different love that surpasses her traditional upbringing.

JESUS. This is the the type of love that makes a difference.  Christ's love is unconditional love. His love sets you free, keeps you safe, improves your decisions, gives you a purpose, and makes your life complete.  His love saves you.

The world?  That love falls miserably behind the Jesus-love.  See what He has to offer.  He has answers to questions that you haven't even thought of yet. 

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