Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jesus - A Baby Beginning

by Pastor Rob (2012)

He came onto this earth like we all do, a one-celled organism, full of potential, life, and a miraculous growth.  His DNA could be considered a bit different because it truly was an eternal DNA.  I have heard scientists refer to our own human DNA as eternal or infinite.  In theory, it should last and continue forever.  However, our sin has put a hiatus on that plan.  Jesus came into our midst to alleviate that mess, and set matters straight so that eternal life, and eternal DNA might be set into its original state.  Jesus did this, starting as a baby beginning, but it was not the end, only the beginning. 

That is an important thing to remember this Christmas.  Jesus being born was an awesome and rich beginning, even with the austere surroundings that came with it.  However, this beginning would grow to an epic salvation that still overshadows everything else in history.  Have a Great Christmas!

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